Well, the puzzle is almost finished, only a few words are missing? Just tell us what letters you have, and we'll tell you what words go with them.

How many words are in the database?

Total 6.7 million words! English: 2.3 million, Spanish: 1 million, German: 3.4 million


Can I build my own Crossword Solving Service?

Welcome to just another great API to generate an additional multistream income! Need more requests for your apps & websites? Very affordable MEGA plan with UNLIMITED API requests available!

Not quite sure yet?

Try the free BASIC plan! You'll get 50 FREE API calls every month - NO creditcard required! Enough to convince you of the data quality and to get it work in your own project. Remember: The free BASIC plan is for testing purposes. If you're happy with the results, consider upgrading to a very affordable PRO or ULTRA plan. Need more calculations for Apps & Websites? Get your personal MEGA plan with UNLIMITED API requests! What are you waiting for?

What can it do?

Already filled in some blanks? You can enter the letters you already have to search for words that match!


Let's have a look:



This API has just ONE endpoint:


At the endpoint CROSS you can use up to TWO parameters:


WORD is required, while LANG is optional.


WORD (required)


Example query: word=u_b_l_e_a_l_


Search string:
- must contain letters (a-z) AND at least one _ (underscore) for unknown letters.
- must have a minimum length of 3 and a maximum lenght of 65 characters.
- is a required parameter.


LANG (optional)


Example query: lang=es


- en, es, de (English, Spanish, German)
- is a optional parameter. If not set /en/ is used.

Great! That was easy!

There's no more to know to call this API.

Be sure to have also a look at the code examples and the FAQ section.


An example?

API request:

(This is just an example. You need a key to call this API. Here: is an example how to open an URL with a password authentication or you can test this endpoint for free in the RapidAPI playground here:

JSON result:

	"generator": "myv@API: CROSSWORD Solver"
	"documentation": ""
	"result": {
		"searched_for": "u_b_l_e_a_l_"
		"in_language": "EN"
		"words_found": "unbelievable,unbelievably"
		"count": 2
	"status": {
		"success": true
		"notice": "Language not set - using EN."
		"error": ""
	"created": {
		"on": "Thu, 24 Feb 2022 07:19:06 AM CET"
		"in": "0.28795sec"
	"find": {
		"more": "APIs for your financial side hussles:"
	"thanks": "for using myv@ APIs!"

That's easy!

Get access to the CROSSWORD Solver API

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Something missing?

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