We develop, build, maintain and share our Web APIs for your business success

While some APIs are under development, following APIs are currently available:

SUDOKU All-Purpose PRO

Create, solve, verify, output to html, image and high quality print data for newspapers and magazines. With this API you get a tool that covers all possible areas of creating breathtaking Sudokus for your customers!


Your new Currency Converter with high speed API access. Quality data provided by the ECB. In total, you can convert 33 currencies, which are responsible for over 98% of the world trade volume. Historical currency data available back to 1999.


Find all missing letters! Unique language vocabulary with 6.7 million words in English, Spanish and German. High performance algorithms. Brute-force assisted. Just tell us what letters you have, and we'll tell you what words go with them.


2021-06-20 - Just CURRENCIES - Currency Converter API officially released on RapidAPI marketplace

2021-05-27 - Currency Converter API closed beta version released

2021-05-07 - SUDOKU All-Purpose PRO API officially released on RapidAPI marketplace

2021-03-19 - SUDOKU All-Purpose PRO API closed beta version released

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