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Why does my Sudoku look pixelated when I'm scaling/zoom the generated SVG with my image drawing software?

SVG must always be processed with a vector graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher, Inkscape or similar. By using these programs vector images can be scaled to any size without losing quality.



Can I see a sample PDF to work with to see if it meets my requirements?

You can download an example PDF here: my_sudoku.pdf



What is the best way to create professional PDF Sudokus to sell them to newspapers and magazines?

Try a medium Sudoku. See "Example 3" at the code examples. Now you have the first Sudoku, but your customer may also need the solved Sudoku. Have a look at the RAW data. Make another Sudoku with this query: ?solve=[put-in-the-raw-data]&output=svg. This is your second Sudoku - the solution of the first one. Now create the PDFs. For converting the SVG to PDF you can use your preferred vector graphics software. If you don't have one try Inkscape: Inkscape is a professional program for editing vector graphics for free. It's also ideal to convert from/to SVG, AI, EPS, PDF and PS file formats. First be sure that the font "Roboto Mono Regular 400" is installed on your PC or Mac. You can download it here: Now start Inkscape and open your created Sudoku. At this point do not scale the image. Just leave it as it is. Your customer can scale it later easily with his vector graphics software. Go to File > Save as... choose .pdf and click "Save". A window opens. Be sure that at "Text output options" "Embed fonts" is selected than click "OK". Font embedding ensures that your customer and his publisher don't need to have the used font installed. Now you can test your PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Reader. For testing you can zoom in to 1000% where you can see that the quality is perfect! When sending multiple files, it is recommended to pack the data into a ZIP-file. Not (only) for reducing the data size, but that all files can be saved easily at once by your customer.





2021-03-19 - SUDOKU All-Purpose PRO API closed beta version released.

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