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About this Sudoku API

Yeah! Sudoku! You either love it or hate it. Many love it, and that's where you come in. Developing solutions and projects for this API is a great opportunity to make money. How? Have a look at these examples:

  • Offer your service to newspapers and magazines. Have a look at newspapers you enjoy reading. Even if they already have Sudokus, you can use this API to offer copyright free Sudokus, or your services are simply cheaper than others. And if they don't have Sudokus yet, now is the time!
  • If you work on a newspaper yourself, entertain your readers with a new Sudoku. Whether you do professional journalism, have a magazine for fishermen or dog lovers, or publish the new stock market reports. Give your readers a break with a new Sudoku!
  • Sudoku magazines are always popular! Make an Sudoku book or magazine and earn nice money.
  • Website owners and content creators know that being up-to-date is important. This API helps you generate fresh content regularily without effort. On your own websites and on websites of your customers.
  • Position yourself as a Sudoku specialist. Offer a service to create, solve and review Sudokus - for little money.

Not bad either: As mentioned before, generated Sudokus are royalty-free, no backlinks required, no "Copyright by" or "Made with" needed. Sell them for commercial use and add your own copyright if you want to, because after all, these are your Sudokus. Once created, you can do whatever you want with your Sudoku.





Printable Books Sudoku Generator for commercial using

Make easy money with a printed Sudokus magazine! "123 Sudokus you've never seen before!"
or "Yeah! Yet another 200 Sudokus that made me cry!" Easy layout. PDF printing for commercial use.
Everything you need is here. Why not start today?



What can it do?

Bluntly put, this API can do everything. Let's have a look:



This API has three endpoints: CREATE, SOLVE and VERIFY


Create unique and elegant Sudokus with a variable number of given fields while using different levels of difficulty.

Possible values:

  • [no value] = empty
    A standard Sudoku is created with 32 numbers.
    Example query: create
  • Numbers 2-81
    A sudoku is created with given count of numbers.
    Example query: create=35
  • Number with 81 digits
    A Sudoku is created with numbers exact at the given place.
    Example query: create=000000000973080060000109823400090602060030019010000008600908031000510786000000504
  • Difficulty level described as following words: easy, medium, hard, evil
    A Sudoku is created with 36-46 numbers (easy), 32-35 numbers (medium), 28-31 numbers (hard), 17-27 numbers (evil)
    Example query: create=hard


Solve every Sudoku. Simply make an API call with missing digits and receive the answer back immediately.

Possible values:

  • Number with 81 digits
    A Sudoku is solved with numbers exact at the given place.
    Example query: solve=000000000973080060000109823400090602060030019010000008600908031000510786000000504


Check any solved (as well as unsolved!) Sudoku for authenticity and integrity. Make an API call and receive the answer back.

Possible values:

  • Number with 81 digits
    A Sudoku is verified with numbers exact at the given place.
    Example query: verify=128653947973284165546179823435891672862735419719426358657948231394512786281367594
    Answer: "Result is valid."



This API has many output formats: RAW, HTML, SVG, JPG, PNG, GIF and WEBP

You can use output only with endpoints CREATE and SOLVE.
VERIFY only gives you "Result is valid." or "Result is not valid." back.
If you leave output empty you get 81 digits back.

    Example query 1: create=35&output=jpg
    Answer: You get a base64 encoded file back.
    Example query 2: create=35
    Answer: You get 81 digits back (RAW format).



Define the width of the generated output format.
The ratio is 1:1, so if you choose width=500 the image will be 500px x 500px.
Works only with JPG, PNG, GIF and WEBP. Why?
RAW are numbers, SVG is lossless scalable and HTML width is defined via the CSS.
Images can be 200px to 900px wide.
If you leave width empty standard width is used (450px).

    Example query: create=35&output=jpg&width=350



Define the quality of the generated output format.
Works only with JPG, PNG, WEBP.
JPG and WebP are lossy: range is 50-100.
PNG is always lossless: range is 1-3. 1 = quick decrompression and big file, 3 = slower decrompression but small file (see also this link).
If you leave quality empty standard quality is used (JPG, WebP = 70 / PNG = 1).

    Example query 1: create=35&output=jpg&width=350&quality=85
    Example query 2: create=35&output=png&width=350&quality=3



Define the colors of the generated output format.
Works only with JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP.
If you leave color empty standard colors are used (fff,222,999).

    Format: color1,color2,color3 where color1 = backgroundcolor, color2 = text color (numbers), color3 = grid color
    Example query: create=35&output=jpg&width=350&quality=85&color=EBF1FD,222222,5F8AED


All about the perfect Sudoku font

Your Sudokus need nothing less than an elegant and timeless font for best user comfort. This font is called Roboto Mono Regular 400. This monospaced font was designed by Christian Robertson, is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0 and you can use it freely for commercial use. For the output formats JPG, PNG, GIF and WebP this font is already used by this API. If you want to use HTML to show Sudokus via this API on websites, you have to include this font via your CSS with the @import method. More about CSS @import and how to download this font look at If you want to make PDF Sudokus you MUST install this font on your production PC or MAC to use it.

Font Installation (Windows)

Open, click on the button "Download family" in the upper right, save the file and unzip it, search in the files for the font "RobotoMono-Regular.ttf", right-click on it and choose "Install".


Great! That was easy!

There's no more to know to call this API.

Be sure to have also a look at the code examples and the FAQ section.


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Example Sudoku

Used query: ?create&output=jpg&quality=85






2021-03-19 - SUDOKU All-Purpose PRO API closed beta version released.

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