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In our globalized economy, currency conversion is where the big money is hidden. How convenient would it be to be ahead of the game? Offering unique, highly demanded solutions to worldwide customer base?


Say YES! to the breathtaking challenge of currency conversion. Developing solutions and projects for this API is also a great opportunity to make money. How? Have a look at these examples of what you could do:

  • Websites that offer currency conversions are always popular. What about a professionally designed website that comes with advertising to reward your efforts?
  • How about programming a WordPress widget that offers currency conversions that you can easily offer for sale to broad audience of users?
  • Offer a currency calculator to your customers who run an online shop. If the store is multilingual and ships worldwide, it's always interesting for their customers to know how much the sales price is in their own currency.

Not bad either: All currency calculations made with the PRO, ULTRA and MEGA plans of this API are royalty-free, no backlinks required, no "Copyright by" or "Made with" needed. Use the PRO, ULTRA and MEGA plans for any proposal, on websites and in apps. Add your own copyright if you want to. The free BASIC plan enables you to make conversions for testing purposes.


This API supports the world's 30 most traded major currencies: USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, HKD, NZD, SEK, KRW, SGD, NOK, MXN, INR, RUB, ZAR, TRY, BRL, DKK, PLN, THB, IDR, HUF, CZK, ILS, PHP, MYR, RON and as an extra also BGN, ISK, HRK. In total, you can convert 33 currencies, which are responsible for over 98% of the world trade volume. However, if you want to convert "North Korean won" (KPW) to "Seychelles rupee" (SCR) we would recommend you one of many other excellent APIs that can convert 160+ currencies. Our quality data is provided by the ECB (European Central Bank). Foreign exchange reference rates are updated once on every working day, offering reliable results to your customers. Historical currency data available back to 1999. High speed API access. Fastest access even in the free BASIC plan. Easy integration and handling.

Not quite sure yet?

Try the free BASIC plan! You'll get 100 FREE API calls every month - enough to convince you of the data quality and to get it work in your own project. Remember: The free BASIC plan is for testing purposes ONLY. If you're happy with the results, consider upgrading to a very affordable PRO or ULTRA plan for permanent use. Need more calculations for Apps & Websites? Get your personal MEGA plan! What are you waiting for?

What can it do?



Let's have a look:



This API has just ONE endpoint:


At the endpoint CONVERT you can use up to FOUR parameters:


AMOUNT, FROM, TO are required, while DATE is used for historic values and therefore optional.


AMOUNT (required)


Example query: amount=241.45


Only numbers and a decimal point (if needed) are allowed. A comma as decimal marker can be used. Amount must be between min. 0.001 to max. 9,999,999,999.000.


FROM, TO (required)


Example query: from=GBP&to=USD


Only letters are allowed. Case insensitve. Of course only supported currencies are allowed (see above).


DATE (optional)


Example query: date=2006-05-05


Historic date range: from "1999-01-04" to the date of yesterday. Standard notation YYYY-MM-DD. Only numbers and dashes are allowed.

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There's no more to know to call this API.

Be sure to have also a look at the code examples and the FAQ section.


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2021-06-20 - Just CURRENCIES - Currency Converter API officially released on RapidAPI marketplace

2021-05-27 - Currency Converter API closed beta version released

2021-05-07 - SUDOKU All-Purpose PRO API officially released on RapidAPI marketplace

2021-03-19 - SUDOKU All-Purpose PRO API closed beta version released

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